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wao ,

wao ,

the video setup on the site shows more of the seller .
1) the system has no reference for price action as reversal pattern was not complete before sell on uj
2) the system give no consideration for exit as no stop loss was give before trade initiation , trade only move into profit after he set sl
3) the system has mouch to learn as trend line retest point was never considered even when it is obvious
4) the site posibly could have use a more complex trend perhaps rangee market to express his system
5) even with the carefull selected example , trade entry was a sh*t

please stay off such scam.



I have been told that this is available for free online, but I have not been able to fine it. Has anyone else found it yet?


I did a web search for reviews on this system. The following review is the only one I found:

Have taken the plunge.
Have been trading?..well gambling really for a while.
This is crystal clear to understand and makes total sense. If only I had stumbled across this a year or so ago.
One trade live acct so far and a winner?.entered early as I did not not read the instructions properly?.EUR-USD 24thMar 1435GMT Sell??still turned out a huge winner.
Will update for you??.really does make sense to me!


I loaded it in my platform,as far as I am concern, nothing impressive with this system. Thanks to Ehsan Bordbar for uploading the system. The 21 trading strategies is a lot better stuff than this one.Peace!

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