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(Req) Forex Flex EA


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Anyone have this one?
Yes, been trading it for quite awhile now. It has undergone some significant improvements like new strategies being added. I'm currently running their 2xRetraceSL and FlexHybrid strategy on 20+ charts with good success. I wouldn't even consider this a marty EA anymore, more of a retracer now.


Thanks for the info. I used this EA back in December 14 and had so much potential but DD was way too steep. I hear version 2.36 is much safer and looking to use the 2 max trade basket. Can you tell me a but about FlexHybrid as I don't see a myfxbook no this company's website about it? How are you doing with it? Are you on a live account? Thanks!!!


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This is the only EA I can tell people I'm proud to have purchased it. One of the very few left on the market that doesn't use manipulated results.


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I think forex flex ea is a forex hacked ea with different settings and lower risk
I found this on

I got emailed this from the Forex Hacked team.

Anyone tried it?

ForexHacked via
Apr 16 (4 days ago)

Hey guys,

This isn't something we've ever done before, but we want our customers to make as much money as possible. We're sending this out to all of you incase there are some of you interested in this so you can get in before all copies are sold.

Forex Flex EA is the product, and it's something truly special. It brings a fresh new approach to forex robot trading with market monitoring virtual trades which help pin point precise entry points for real trades. This is just one of many aspects this powerful EA offers and it's going to change everything.

If you're looking for another EA for your arsenal, this is one you might not want to let slip away. Only 300 copies are being sold and quite a few have gone already today.



This is the only EA I can tell people I'm proud to have purchased it. One of the very few left on the market that doesn't use manipulated results.
Version shared here works (at least on Demo) but Backtest is horrible with default set.
Anyway I see that it trades in very strange way on my Demo... I think that default parameters are for 4 digits brokers.
You have working set for this EA? Can you share the set you're using?


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The new strategy "FlexHybrid" which was announced to be very safe ....... destroyed my account today...:(
And i am not the only one.
I knew it, 2% every day over 3 months is too beautifull to be true...

In the settings there is a option "close all positions when xx% risk is achieved". I have let the default set of 50%.
Why did my account lose over 95%??


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Time frame: 15 M,
You can use it on all pairs.
The vendor recommends 10 pairs (in the manual):

Today wo got an update with many changes, some more parameters, also for a better safety toward volatility situations like last monday 08/24/2015


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there is not such a thing as a safe martingales,you better to wd your $$ asap

the first thing newbies should ask is(did anyone of you ever lost money with martingale? BEFORE USING IT) that way the picture would get clearer
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Ni i am sorry.
the manual is on the site and not a pdf. You have to be a registered member to read it.

But my advise... forget this crap!
The safer mode (min. risk settings) doesnt kill your account instantly, but after 3 consecutive martingale trades, the EA stops in that pair and "waits for better times"...
So you have to wait and pray too, or try to intervene manually (hedging).


hello does anyone has this forex flex EA and can share please?? I would like to test it in real


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Thank you so much "KingUA", for "Forex Flex", Have you tested Forex flex, if tested then With which pair?....any progress. Please also guide what is "martingale ea"... Is it a cracked version of forex flex and run on live account?...
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Yes it martingale.Currency Pair: USDJPY USDCHF EURUSD USDCAD GBPUSD EURGBP AUDUSD. To work on a real account.
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