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[REQ]Forex markettrader

The superb tool for high-performance forex-trading!

The Forex-MarketTrader is a 100% full automated forex trading system (Expert Advisor) which uses high effective trading and money management strategies ato reach up to 90% of trading accuracy!
The combination of innovative trading algorithm and high performance money management strategies makes the Forex-MarketTrader (Expert-Advisor) to a must-have tool for forex trading.
Take a look on the detailed statements and find out how Forex-MarketTrader made from 41.900 US$ from an initial deposit of 10.000 US$ just within 30 days!


Can anyone share this EA, alot of other people reaaly like this one.


New member
sells for $1350 USD,

I wish there was a trial or forward testing results :(

from their webpage FAQ's,

"Do you have free trial period or free demo version of the Forex-MarketTrader?

No we are not offering a trial periods or a demo version of our product. We providing a transparent information and description of product and give detailed back-testing statements. Thereby we are representing all information for our clients to make their decision.


These guys gotta be kidding. 1350 for a mediocre martingale EA with funny backtest statements. Some statements are a mix of different pairs, others are strategy tester reports for EURUSD only.

There are alot more EA's worth putting your time and effort on, and this isn't one of them.

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