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Well any indicator site that posts images of a "potential life style" is simply playing on your human emotions and is an immediate alarm bell for a scam alert.

Personally, I would be running a mile when you see a site using "life style tacticts" to lure you into a purchase.

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Unfortunately all Pay-For-Forex-Indicator sites seem to use the same cookie-cutter templates, which is sad since these templates still seem to lure the poor person into a false sense of security. (I am still searching for the actual source where they all purchase their templates from).

If you guys want to educate your selves into the dark, dirty world of affiliate marketing, you should arm and educated yourself with the knowledge of this affiliate industry. Once you do you will discover just how bad it really is and why all these "Forex-Sites" share the same look and feel and why they appear so quickly. You will even be shown and told as to what to place on your website and why it works. Best place to understand this is go on over to clickbank and read "how to make money with clickbank affiliates".

Since the creation of Forex Affiliates it is also becoming near impossible to obtain a decent review of any system. Affiliate marketers know that it is their best interrest to make the product "shine". The best tactic some of the marketers use is one of mis-direction. They usually start of by saying that they purchased the product and reviewed it and their results where negative and bad, but then they will inform you of another product they purchased that worked really well and would recommend it over the reviewed product....... "Bang you caught and down $90"


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