(Req.) Forex pin system please share

Looks like the Vertex indicator to me that was originally coded by a Russian named ENIGMA back in the day ( that is what I was told anyway ) and has been passed around over the years modded and of course renamed . But hey maybe this guy has found a way to re-code it so that it no longer repaints . Just will have to wait and see . BTW this system is by the same guy ( Dennis Buchholz ) who brought you the Agimat Fx and FSO Harmonic Scanner just so you know .
Every indicator can be said to repaint, but consider that's because price extends, this is why you will see all indicators make adjustments. The key is to learn to take from it what it offers to assist in your trading strategy. There is NO HOLY GRAIL, just hard work and patience.
If price changes then it's considered price extension, it's all about how you use any indicator, there's only a few indicators that will show you exactly what price is doing, another thing you have to consider is the this indicator should be used in conjunction with a great price action indi and you can then see the great confirmation this indi will give you. You have to study and test in order to build your OWN trading strategy. Don't use what's popular, as that will make you apart of dumb money, and the smart money loves that type of retail trader.