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REQ: Forex Pip Fishing


Hi Everyone,

I like simple systems and I was wondering if anyone has experience or has traded the FOREX PIP FISHING System

All opinions are welcomed! Thank You....T-Wolf

I have not tested this strategy in special yet, but there are many strategies like this one maybe with slightly different settings and in general they do work fine.

Maybe someone else made already any experience with this one in particular and can comment about ?

It is for sure a profitable strategy. An issue probably is, that it needs a lot of screen-time.

LOL ? I have answered already yesterday but for an unknown reason all my posts are getting moderated on this forum and many don?t even appear finally. :(

I haven?t traded this system in special, but it is for sure a profitable system. The downside of such a strategy is, that it requires a lot of screen time.
About 90 downloads of the pdf-file until now ? so I think there are a few members here now who know about the strategy.
Can anyone recommend or does anyone have some kind of indicator with sound and popup alert, when such an engulfing candle pattern appears ?
This would save a lot of time, because we wouldn?t have to watch the charts all the time.

BTW ? There are some candle pattern indicators I have found in the past, but some are printing too much information onto the chart and others are sending alerts also for patterns which are not even enabled.

I would appreciate it a lot :)

Thanks in advance !!

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