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[REQ] Forex Samurai


How about this one:


Hi Jef, looks realy cool but is it real, I think it genarates signls through your MT and trades it will then enter trades cording to the signals. To be honest I am gona pass on that but I ll share the bonuses with the team, Please pay attetion to SAM WIER'S BASIC CHART ANALYSIS PDF, by no means it new but very effective methods I ve been using the same system for the last 18 months on 1hr TF for 4 top majors (you can use it on all pais)
It is a signal service.
The buyer gets a Trade-Copier-EA ( with DLL and include files ).
He gets a username and password too.

Only with the username and password the Trade-Copier-EA will work.
No way around this because it has to login to the Samurai-account in order to copy their trades.

The EA detects multiple logins from the same user and denies to work.

I think that this cannot be educated.


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I lost all my money USD 5000 $ in just 2 hours. Please stay away he is absolute cheater he sell products in different name :(


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Is FX Samurai still alive??

The communication was never very good, but now I am waiting on a reply to my email longer than 1 month.
Had someone contact at this time??


I have tried "Forex Samurai 2013" it doesn't work. It tells you during backtesting to change the autotime settings to false for ManualGMT. But there is manually no possibility to do this.



you must get this from it's site after mailing he'll send you activate link .

it's very online sensitive too and cannot be becktested .

if somebody has experience and has gotten good results from this EA , please share .

thanks many lots!

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