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[REQ] Fx Equalizer


Hey Guy's,

Anyone have or heard about this:

Thanks in advance. :)


My backtests are losing, and are completely different from those in the statement in the third post.


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This EA trade with multi-currency-pairs, so it cannot be backtested with the StrategyTester in MetaTrader 4.

I noticed that there's no manual included in the zip-fil for the two EA's, just a pdf-file explaining a manual system. Does anyone have the manual that comes with the EA?

I analyzed the program code, and it only seem to compare two Moving Averrage as technical indicator to make trade decisions, and that it can be used on any time frame.

I think we need to test this EA on demo-accounts in order to evaluate it.

Is there anyone here can backtest it successful? I can't ... I dont know why?
Is it educated?


just checked the mt4i page. looks really implressive as long you do not click on the risk tab. see the attaced screenshot.
86% chance to loose 100% of your account.
what makes me wonder, how the dd is pretty low and the r:r is 2.25.


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very interesting ea trade 16 pairs, comparing against different pairs strength purely depends on moving average 3 and 5 for signal. it might works on H4 with small lot size and huge balance. whoever trade on demo, please share the result.

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