all you are doing is requesting systems.

What about sharing something you have ?

I have the system you are requesting, but it does not feel good to share it with non-sharing-minded people.
Actually, it feels very bad.
oh my...I may not belong here! :( I don't talk to people that way. Personally, I haven't shared anything because I do not feel yet that I have anything "new" to share. Also, I value others' time and only want to offer up something that I genuinely believe is worth their time in reviewing. I give to 6 kids daily who typically only bring me grief, but that is what true generosity of spirit does. It all works out in the end folks.


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i think Melco is a recepient of some frustrations felt by great sharers like bestfx-trader. I understand majority of our members do not have much to share but sometimes it feels quite unbalanced when 10 members of the forum are contributing and the other 2000 members seem to be on the side line. It doesn't take much to participate actually, in things like testing systems/EAs and giving results/opinions...

In Melco's case, he/she has made over 25 requests for things but has not share anything in return. So he/she stood out from the crowd i guess.
People in this forum are much friendlier (i believe) than other forums. I consider this an exception because i don't recall another incident like this...
Thanks for the reassurance. I guess I overreacted. I am hopeful that I'll one day be able to share something new and profitable with everyone. Right now my greatest contribution will just have to be showing great interest in what the others here have to offer.


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We try to be very friendly and helpful here. I guess sometimes a nerve is struck, but there's nothing to worry about. Sharing interest is definitely sharing in my book...


bestfx.. sorry to be such a leach.. but mommy said it best..i really dont have anything of value to share or offer and i dont back test or use not very experienced..

thanks for sharing anyways.. i just thought that it wasnt a problem to request these things in general..
i'll try to stop requesting anymore...ok?


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You can still request, but try to interact with us some more about these things, because we are all a family here. We need your input as well. Ask questions and share opinions, be a part of the family rather than just a passerby.

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