(Req)Indicator Day Trading Indicator Bundle

I am pretty sure that this system has already been posted in another thread , but I cant remember where I saw it , but I know it's already posted somewhere in this forum.
Do a search for indicatorvault .
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vitalfx;n2343843 said:
i have searched but i think it is just ur imagination.....that you see it somewhere on this forum.
HaHa:rolleyes: --- Its not my imagination , I remember where I saw it now , it was posted by you ( vitalfx ) right here ---- https://forum.worldwide-invest.org/f...new-indicators ---- Check the (Indicator of indicatorsvault.com (old versions) file. :D This is funny , but hey situation solved and we both found it for you Spizozo , enjoy.
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Thank u so much Bun423ijk I found it the and the worst thing I've been having the indicators shared by Vitalfx but I couldn't think to go look for it there because I assume its not there n I thought its a new product