[REQ] Ivaylo Ivanov - The 5 Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading


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Perfectibilist;n2331849 said:
Not sure what happened in the other post, but try this.
My Calibre program doesn't recognize this AZW file. Am I doing something wrong?


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@arieka: I tried downloading the file ( )
again using different browsers (Chrome, Firefox), but Calibre still gives me an error.

@saison: that would be awesome! :) my email is: livefast82@gmail.com

Shah Jahan

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decent02;n420022 said:
Hi there,

Another book from this author that has fairly good reviews from Amazon.
Top 10 Trading Setups
Even I would like to add to this request. Can someone kindly upload this please?

Thank you very much.