[REQ] Megadroid ver 1.21



Are they educated? Version 1,21 seems to be the best from the many MD versions.


MegaDroid 1.21

MegaDroid 1.21

I had some problems with the above and not sure if it is working for me. I found another educated copy which doesn't use their dll. So I just loaded that one to see if it will trade. Use DLLs still needs to be checked though, due to using kernal32.dll. mq4 file provided with pdf.

Here is the link:

update 2/6/11: I quit running this EA about 3 weeks ago. It doesn't seem to trade very often and when comparing it to another person's results running a true copy, I have decided something it not quite right with this one..so I shelved it.


bonnie thanks for those. Robots that use the news are new to me so I want to ask a few questions.

I have seen a news version of Forex Hacked 2.3 on this forum but it requires an indicator to get the news. MegaDroid_v121N1_nodll does not require any extra indicators to get the news?

I will try it out on demo over the next week. It works on backtests for me (results are not great but hopefully when it's avoiding news on forward testing it will be much improved).

Edit: nevermind I see on my demo that it avoids news on its own.

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