[REQ] MQL For Traders & Automatic Alpha


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Can anybody share the following books? Have been hunting it for many days now. Many many thanks in advance! :D

1. MQL For Traders


2. Automatic Alpha

MQL For Traders
"Learn To Build a MetaTrader Expert Advisor in One Day"

Who should read MQL For Traders?

* Traders interested in building their own winning Expert Advisor.
* Anybody interested in learning how to program in the only free trading system programing language: MQL.

Are you a chart-watching discretionary trader?

* Read MQL For Traders to learn how to automate your manual trading system.

Are you new to FOREX trading?

* Learn the inherent advantages of mechanical system trading. Get started off on the right foot and start running a winning trading system immediately.


Automatic Alpha?

Automatic Alpha is an 80+ page ebook that fully describes the process of developing a winning trading system.

Building a winning trading system can be an illusive task. Fact: Most traders will never develop a winning trading system without using the techniques described in Automatic Alpha.

Automatic Alpha introduces a framework, The Trading System Development Lifecycle, that completely describes trading system development. Once a trader learns this framework they can immediately begin to develop their own winning trading systems.

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