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req: Neuro Forex Strength Trend Predictor


i have it.Not able to post right now on another pc and this damn pc keeps running automatic updates costing me a lot of mb.Will post tommorrow.Word of advice i've tried many systems on tradebit and i tell you now that it's not really good.

Rather find something here.As i always say you get what you pay for


S:eek:me:mad:ne made a c:ppy of Obo_TrendBars.
It is available for free at:
For your kind info. we have already merged it with the JazzySmith's MBFX System. And presented in the thread "Mission Impossible". I have mod a little in the above mentioned indicator for the candles visibility purpose. Is available below.


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hi Guys;
Need a bit of help here, my hard drive fried over the week end and i lost all my indicators.

One i favored most was the Neruo forex strength trend predictor, i have it, kind gentleman added a few extras, like S&R and a trend line which was quiet accurate.

Any guys remember this, and if im lucky does anyone still have it.


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