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<REQ>Nth degree and Launchpad

The best PA system I've ever seen, pls share it was posted here but the guys where unable to decomply it. I head there is a new update someone can buy and share


Come on guys, 500 to 1000 pips a week .
let,s say $10 a pip times 500 is $5000 a week.
I trade 50 weeks a year is $250000.00 a year.
I will lose 30% because we don,t have all winners.
So my income wil be $175000.00 a year.
Now i need to sell my software because i don,t make money enough.
And we all believe in Santa Claus!
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Sorry -- n th degree and launchpad is not a scam.
They give lot of free material with videos etc.
Just register and get access see for yourself.

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