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[REQ]Reaveal how Primeval 2.1 make trade?


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To stovedude or anyone here ,can you help me to reveal how primeval 2.1 make trade if i want manually trade?i look this ea have good potential.


It is fr:)m their original website.
Our Expert Advisor has been sharply designed to operate on THIRTEEN currency pairs with NINE Built In Very Advanced & Profitable Strategies. Six of them are for Scalping Asian Sessions when the Market is more quiet and the price tends to be more predictable allowing the Expert Advisor to pick up some reliable pips from it.

The seventh strategy is a technique called Grid Trading Strategy, which consists in dividing a specific price range into sub ranges (grids). Every time a grid line is touched, the Expert Advisor would open a trade if there isn?t any trade opened yet for that specific grid, this works great on ranging markets and for stable currency pairs with low historical range of pips.

The eighth strategy is called Hedging & Pyramiding . Pyramiding is a trading strategy that consists in adding positions as price moves in the desired trend direction, this offers the maximum potential reward but can also be risky, that's why it also hedges (open trades in the same currency pair with opposite directions buy & sell) positions until partial trades or all trades are closed in profit.

The ninth strategy included in this single EA is called Martingale. The strategy works by recouping all losses through the increase of lots after successive losing trades. We have implemented it on the EURCHF pair using a soft lot size increment and we got solid results with a low drawdown.

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