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Does any one use this..


I watched the Part 1 of the webinar.. i just could not make a grasp..of how the sideways/choppy market are being avoided.. He switches to Higher TF's, changes something in the indicator to generate signals, uses Fib ratios.... Leaves me head spinning...:D

Pals, if you find time just watch the webinar and leave your feed backs here..or if you are using the above indicator, please share how you make successful trades using it?:)

ps: Today i started a thread, for this with the links for webinar as shared in
youtube.. but that post does not appear so far, so i am making a re-post here.. may its a violation on my part,..for posting the link directly here... i know not... Sorry for that..Mods..:(

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Rubicon MT4 Indicator

Rubicon MT4 Indicator

I have tested the Rubicon MT4 is designed for the 30 TF, that is
where the best results are. So far it has given good excess of 70%. There is a new Version 2.0 which is being released will have abilities to change colors of the lines and have alerts....right now you can buy it for $58 which is a bargain.....only real drwback is there is no manual...all instructions and examples are on You Tube Videos, which are readily available to all off the net.


Hello !

I am having tremendous success with this indicator on M30 TF and no it does not repaint.
It is actually 1st indi sold by a trader who trades himself and the indi really works.

Here is hes blog with tons of webinars:

Happy pipping:D


Hello !

EU, M30 TF, 3 trades today +120 pips total, 1 trade is still running +40 pips now.


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Hankt80, can you share with us the latest version of rubicon indi? I think is V2.
Thank you so much for all your support

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