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[req] SST trade plans



SST seems to have different settings for different instruments. If you look at the indicators, they have many parameters that can be customized, I think this needs to be adjusted depending on the timeframe/tick base/instrument. The signals are sometimes quite contradicting (long/short/reversal right after another), I think this is due to wrong settings.

If anyone has any settings on SST for MT4, please share! This thing has potential.



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I agree. need long and short calc settings at least. I have been able to put some stuff together but not much.
the mt4 strategy names I could find
-eurusd 5m (5m chart) (8.30am-12 or 14.00 est) (eur session 2-5am est)(3 pos)
-eurjpy 12 pip rangebar tradeplan, us session(1m or 5m chart?) (7.30am-11.45am est, exit all by 15.45est)
-eurusd 9 pip momentum, eurozone (no info)
-gbpusd end of day swing trade (1d chart) (2 pos)
-eurusd long term position strategy(no info)

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