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[Req] Striker9 Lite/Pro


Does anybody have these systems with them?


These are said to be works good for trading Binary Options. PLease share if you have.



the trick to play option is...

first you have to know if there is any news on stock

place 2 entry one call(buy) and put(sell)

as before the news you put your stop loss at 15%. (well not work for the too small price move). but that is sure way to win. (same as sure sport betting)

I know this method form optiomastic or something like that.


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Anyone have any updates on this system?

Is it any good?

Anyone have it and will share it?

Thx in advance


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I've used it to limited success.

There are better brokers out there who will provide you with these types of signals at much more reasonable levels of investment. Check out for a good example.


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If you are in the UK you can use IG index to trade binary....IG is FSA regulated and even though a lot of companies out there are FSA this one has it funds in the they are not going to run away with your money

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