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Req TRADEMINER anybody has info on this please


Hi friends

I believe simple things work best.
Trademiner is a tool designed with this concepts by traders.
Trade right stock at right time-is the master key.
It can be said
Trade right futures contract at right time

or trade right forex pair at right market timing

What is this right stock mean?(liquidity,range of movement,ability and past record to move faster than major index,accumulation by majority of traders,currently beginning a fresh uptrend etc to mention some)
what does this right timing means?
after a major downtrend,start of a new uptrend,early stage of new uptrend,part of a new cycle of wave etc)
-- --------------------------------------------------
please say your opinions if you got time.

anyways here is a software tool called trademiner
link below
if any one has info on it and how it does above tasks,please share and oblige!



Bumping this up... 100% winning rate on stocks? We need prove.

Would appreciate someone sharing the educated version of them.

Thank you.

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