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Req Trifecta trading method


Hi friends
Does anybody have TRIFECTA trading method or any info it please post

link here

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a bit more info on it
Introducing the plan that some are calling?
?The Greatest Stock Trading Strategy of Our Lifetime.?
It?s been around more than 100 years, and it still works. Most hot shot traders on Wall Street ignore it. But they?re missing out. It?s simply the most powerful and dead-on predictor of breakout stocks?and profits?ever created.

And now for the first time, anybody can use it to make money!

In fact, what I am about to share with you is one of the big reasons I?ve been so successful in this business. For years I?ve only shared it with a handful of students. But that is about to change.

Some call it ?The Greatest Stock-Trading
Strategy of Our Lifetime.?

Up until now it?s been a well kept secret?though the idea is over 100 years old!

It?s a powerful, time-tested strategy that has helped other's like me attain massive wealth. It lets you:

?Find, track, and trade big breakout stocks BEFORE they explode upward.
?Find stocks that go up?even when the market is dropping 100, 200, or 1,000 points.
?Make 10X the annual return of CDS, money market funds, and bonds?in days or weeks?with the same level of safety.
?It protects you from losses. You?ll never again fear a bear market or meltdown.
This strategy has been around for hundreds of years. I didn?t invent it of course, but modified it so that it works even better in today?s fast paced, crisis filled world we live in. It was first used by just a handful of powerful business-owners way back when markets were in their infancy.

It was originally developed by the Japanese over 250 years ago where it was used to keep track of rice trades in the city of Sakata. It was a primitive tool at this time but was very accurate in predicting the future prices of commodities.

Since then it has been modified and tinkered with by many other market pioneers such as Charles Dow (the founder of the Dow) who used it to accurately predict the future movement of stock prices.

Without looking at the latest financial statements, quarterly reports or company projections he was able to identify the specific times when a stock would move based on the way it had behaved before.

What was his secret? Well there really was no secret. He basically found a way to predict the future of a stock?s movement by looking to its past?and seeing things in its trading history that ordinary folks didn?t.

Just like one of those funky neon colored posters that were popular a few years back. The kind you?d stare at for about a minute, let your eyes lose focus, and then a 3-d image would jump out at you. Not everyone could see these images though. Some people would stare at it forever and see nothing.

But Dow had the vision! He had access to the same information everyone else on Wall Street had at the time, but saw the potential that nobody else saw?and made a tidy fortune from it.

Who says past-performance
can?t predict future results?

Using technical analysis is a lot like watching the hit show Criminal Minds.

Each episode the FBI profiles a certain type of suspect, looking for patterns in his or her past behavior that will predict future behavior?and eventually lead to the capture of the ?unsub.?

Charles Dow had the same idea but applied it to stocks. He profiled the past movement of stocks to predict with great accuracy, their future movement.

Dow indeed was a pioneer who saw what nobody else saw at the time and used it to make his fortune.

Today, technical analysis still works as an accurate predictor of stocks future movement.

In fact a recent study by economists at Yale and NYU concluded that his philosophy was safer and more profitable then "buy and hold" investing.

But today?thanks to the Trifecta?it?s an even more powerful tool for those who know how to harness its awesome predictive power.

see chart

Okay so let?s get into the three parts of what make up a Trifecta.
Trifecta Trigger #1: Stocks Testing Their Resistance Levels

Trifecta Trigger #2: Stocks approaching 52-Week Highs

Trifecta Trigger #3:

$5 Levels: Round Numbers Make Fat Profits.

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