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{REQ }W D Gann s Private Ephemeris 1941 1950


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if you have it - share or be quite !!

I have provided the following link with a lot of Gann stuff several times already:

(3 pages totally)

Shall, yes you have shared several books in the forum. I am sure that was appreciated by several. I seen where you even shared some books that bonnie1234 had asked for several years back. But, this is the part that does not make any sense. What damn difference does it make what it cost. You problably, did not pay for it, I am sure you will deny it, and swear that you did. The bottom line is that nobody is going to pay you or share the expense if you did actually buy it. The money is gone, so why even mention that you had it if you were not going to share it. It would have been just as easy as to not reply or respond. If you do not want to share. Keep your mouth and fingers shut and you will not be having other members either argue or have bad thoughts about you.

No, where did you see any rules that said you had to tell somebody you have something, but I am not going to share. That is being very rude. Simply do not respond, if you cannot help or you are not willing to share. Request what you need and download what is shared. But, you let me see you post, you will not share because it cost too much again. I will just have to remove you from the forum. You should have not said anything.


I just really want to help all. I bought and share so many book here, and I will do that more and more.
The link for anyone really need it.But, I cann't share it. It's so expensive. This is the cheapest link that i found.

Here is the other link


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I am very glad to have this desire to help you, here is the entire book you need:
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It`s wrong links.
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