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[requst] Any Working Trade Copier with reversal



I am using the worst EA of all time. It is so bad, it has always been bad. What I want to do is use any working trade copier that can trade in opposite direction. I have one terminal on FXCBS with very bad EA ( WOC 0.14) and I want to use trade copier on differnt broker terminal (Prime4x), trading same trade but in opposite direction.

Can someone please share a working trade copier with reverse trade option :)


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I have found that reversing the trades doesn't always work good either. Many times, the problem is with the trade logic and the management, and a choppy market can signal a bad trade in either direction, but it's worth a try. Probably better to try editing the code first to reverse the trade. I can do that if you want.


I did try with changing the account name as indicated in "change account name" instructions.Still get a message saying not valid account.
Any suggestions please?



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Reversing trades will not solve the problem. I remember that I tried that on some EA' s few years ago. The problem remains. Try another EA instead.


Reversetrade with TP SL swap, Local Trade Copier

Reversetrade with TP SL swap, Local Trade Copier

  • Reverse Trades technology will help you turn your loosing trading system or EA into a winner
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss levels can be counterchanged (reversed)
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Multiplier technology
  • You can choose which currency pairs you want to trade and those you want to ignore
  • EA can copy pending orders as they are or only when they gets triggered on master account
  • Pending orders are copied with Expiration value if it exists
  • All trades are copied within a 0.5 ? 1 second time scale in any market conditions
  • Copier is very fast because it synchronize trades 2 times every second

But need educated!


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I also have same problem with changing the account name.
Please someone help and let me know how can I solve it.


You can try the MT4I site for their trade copier to do many things, including reversing trades. You can use the local trade copier when trading between two accounts or the internet trade copier and you can copy trades from another computer elsewhere in the world. I use the internet trade copier daily and it works very well and fast.


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