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Reversal ZigZag


[h=1]Reversal ZigZag[/h]

The idea of the indicator is based on the ZigZag indicator using a new equation with the addition of volume.

  • InpDepth — Depth.
  • InpDeviation — Deviation.
  • InpBackstep — Backstep.
  • Enable_Alert — audio and text notifications on a trend change.
  • Send_Notifications — push notifications to mobile devices.
  • E-mail alert — email notifications. Make sure to configure email parameters in the terminal settings.

  • The indicator does not repaint.
  • The indicator does not recalculate.
  • The indicator works on all timeframes.
  • The indicator works on all pairs, stocks, currencies, metals, futures and CFDs.
  • It gives signals on the current candle.

[h=3]How to Trade[/h]
  • Open a buy trade when an up arrow appears.
  • Open a sell trade when a down arrow appears.
Important reminder: To use the indicators in an efficient way, the preferred timeframe for trading is 30 minutes and also 60 minutes.

one to one coaching