(ask) Revive XMT


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Hey all!

I've been messing around with XMT Scalper. I see a great potential from the system but sadly the creator Capella has been away from the forum for over a year.

I've been working with versions 2.4.3 that I have and 2.522 that I got from another forum as the original ones are not downloadable anymore because they're pretty old.

I think the versions I have are modified as on 2.4.3 I get very often an Invalid TP/SL error and with 2.522 it has a bug where it keeps opening orders like crazy every bar (I even got flagged by MetaQuotes for hyperactivity on the account)

I want to revive the EA but to do that I need to study the code from the very first version to the last known one, here's the deal:

Post the original versions on mq4 format here and I'll study the code to improve it and I'll keep updated all here.


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Hi, Fernando, I answered your PM and sent you the v. 2.522 which I believe is the last one available. I may have in my repository some earlier versions - please let me know if you want me to look into them. I'm posting it here again for the benefit of all. Since I do not use this EA I'm not a good source to ask any other questions regarding this EA. Take care, Ron