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Rules of trading forex

Maxwell J

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My first rule is do not take an impulsive decision. Open trade only if it fullfils your entry criteria. No trade out of impatience. I also keep journal to note down my all trading entry and exit. There should have been an explanation why I am taking the trade.
First of all, Trading in forex is not a game. If you want to be a trader in forex market, you should know the basics of forex. You can learn about forex from different sources, such as: Senior traders, e-books, different types of forex books. But above all, I think the best source to learn about forex is a demo account.
You can easily learn all the basics of forex from demo account. I am also a trader. I am trading with TP Global FX. When I was entering into the forex I also opened a demo account. It helped me to learn all the tools and techniques about forex practically.

Fin Candy

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In Forex How much money you can earn by using leverage, it depends on proper trading planning. Now I am more comfortable with 1:100 leverage. Sometimes I use up to leverage 1:500 when I can calculate the market with surely.
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