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Scalping or trading?


Hello all,

I want to talk with you about systems designed for scalping or trading and how much do you earn with them.

Let's say we have a very good system with 70% win ratio and a good spread of 2 pips.

-10 trades per day
-you decide to stop your transaction if it goes 10 pips in favor/against you
Total profit/day = 20
Total profit/month=440 pips

- only 3 trades per day
- you decide to stop your transaction if it goes 35 pips in favor/against you
Total profit/day=36
Total profit/month=792 pips

The same system but only 60% win ratio will give you 0 profit/month if you are scalping and 550 pips if you trade.

So, choose carefully when you decide what system you will use and for what type of trading!!

I've attach my xls where you can input your own data.


Ideal situation:
- you start with a 1000 euro account
- you win 70% of all your trades
- you risk no more than 2% of your account/trade
- stop loss 2% of your account
- take profit 2% of your account
- you take 5 trades per day
- at the begining of each week you increase your risk value (ideal will be after each trade), that means in the first week you risk 20 euro, and the next week you will risk 2% of your initial account+what you gained in that week

After one year you will have 13.104.631 euro.

Now, is this corect or i made some errors?

In my attach my xls.

Do you know how to blow your account?
Risk 5%/trade, take 10 trades per day, win only 30% and in just one week: GAME OVER!!!

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