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Scam Broker Alert!: ForInvest Group


YOU WILL BE SORRY FOR IGNORING MY WARNING! - within few days I reckon.

I just closed my account with these guys and they are scums. I closed my account(with around -$30) as soon as I seen their crooked practices. I wish I knew a good lawyer so I can help people get their money back and put these dishonest, fraudulent scums beyond bankruptcy.

They have MANY dirty tricks to cheat their victims. They usually make you profit when you have demo accounts but live accounts are entirely different story. I had demo accounts with them and no problems then I opened a live account and they were manipulating signals and prices left and right. I quit as soon as I saw what they were doing because I had a demo account open from another broker open.

Some examples:

1) Some trades they won't let you close while in profit and others you'll lose money when you close and ARE IN PROFIT.

2) They ignore takeprofits to cheat you of money.

3) They also often manipulate price when you open/close orders.

4) Intentionally delay opening and closing orders when it goes against them.

5) No custom indicators besides the BASIC ones that comes with the install of the mt4.

6) Worst of all NO MARGIN CALL!!

First I tried to shut the orders WHILE IN PROFIT and it kept giving me error messages over and over, such as:

1) Off quotes

2) Modification denied. Order is too close to market

I closed one trade while the ticker was RISING(PROFITING) while I WAS IN PROFIT and the ticker was arcing straight up(TOWARD MORE PROFIT) WITHOUT DIPPING ONCE. For minutes I couldn't shut down profitable trades including this one. Ultimately THEIR SERVER ROBOT shut the trade while I was in profit and the ticker was rising without dipping(not once) and I somehow ended up losing $50+ and that's not including delaying my close order which should have been around another +8 to +12 pips in my favor. And from this trade they outright robbed me. I was up around 10% or more above my initial deposit from other trades. I finally closed eventually after minutes of pushing close button over and over again. And I was around -$20 to -$30+ below my initial deposit from the last trade. I stopped and closed the mt4 client and zipped the folder. I emailed them and I asked them to withdraw my money and shut down my acccount. I knew better than trying to sort this out through e-mail with crooked scum brokers like them.

Even as I speak I wonder if they'll even mail me the rest of the balance of my account.

I have evidence of their racketeering/fraud practices attached below.

They won or was nominated the scam broker of the year of 2010 and they are listed as scam broker on Forex Peace Army web site:

If you got scammed like me then report them or sue them:

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC") is a federal regulatory agency charged with the enforcement of the Commodity Exchange Act ("CEA").
The CEA authorizes the CFTC to seek injunctive relief against any person whenever it shall appear to the CFTC that such person has engaged, is engaging, or is about to engage in any act or practice that violates the CEA.
As of October 18, 2010, the CFTC enacted new regulations requiring all entities marketing or handling retail forex transactions with members of the U.S. public be registered with the CFTC.
If you are a U.S. citizen and you have entered into a retail forex transaction with the FORINVEST GROUP, please contact the CFTC. Thank you!
[Report Suspicious Activities or Information to the CFTC
202-418-5250; or 866-366-2382]


Latest update

Latest update

Latest update folks. Finally after two weeks I received an e-mail from alertpay telling me I received $185.70 from forinvest group. Which is around $90 less than my final balance when I closed my final trade and e-mailed them to withdraw my balance and close my account.

It's bad enough I got scammed from my trades but they got greedy with there schemes and scams I had enough and filed a complaint with alertpay and almost 2 weeks later I get a call from the scammer himself. Judging by his accent he sounded russian. Called me over the phone and woke me up and accused me of lying. I was pretty enraged by now and completely lost my cool which I don't regret. I was screaming almost at the top of my lungs.

First he scams me of the profits I've earned through my trades, then he tries to steal around $90 from the remaining balance, then he calls me and wakes me up to accuse me of lying without using the word "liar". I was cursing over the phone and was basically pretty steamed. I have not been this angry in awhile. I'm not sure if he knew I was monitoring the trades but I'm pretty sure he was aware of it.

Here's one of his tactics that he uses to try to screw over his victims. He calls pretending to be the scammer's phony company's attorney trying to intimidate and mindf**k his victims. I think forinvest is just one scammer that pretends to be a brokerage company who runs a hacked broker server with a virtual dealer plugin and multiple e-mail accounts. The so-called "lawyer" wouldn't even tell me where the so-called company is located.

I had to get ready to prepare for work so I didn't have time to "chat" long. By now I've been screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs over the phone for close to 45mins. To make a long story short he said I had to e-mail him and he would send me $90. I told him I would think about it.

After work he called me again and again. I went ahead and e-mailed him and he transferred NO LESS THAN $90. I think possibly that alertpay locked his account so that he could not take more money from unsuspecting victims. So basically he wanted me to drop my dispute as soon as possible. I went ahead and e-mailed alertpay as soon as I received NO LESS THAN $90 but warned them of that lying, cheating, scammer.

I hope people can read this before considering opening an account with what I believe is a scammer pretending to be a brokerage company. It'll save them some money.

Check the dates and amount of the attached image file I zipped. And check the date of my first post. So you know I speak the truth.

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