Scam "free-ebook" sites

Adam cc

Hi, I would like to draw to your attention that there are "Free Ebook" sites out there to con you in paying, or enter some personal info to give you password to unlock their free ebooks in return.
I got tip off from another helpful member silversailorduo that their ebooks are fake one, so even if you do all that they asked, all you get back is not what was promised.
So, you leak your personal info, or even money, but don't get ebook!

One such site is

Members has similar experience, please name & shame them, and it will prevent other members from getting conned
The same goes to their mirror site:

anyway, the password on their zip files is usually ahamay and it should open to a useless PDF file filled with useless info you can already get from google or wikipedia.

Adam cc

Another one for this name and shame list:

same trick as the above, though the same password don't work!


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Appended - Sometimes does not generate site on Click of Link / Gives Fake ebook which downloaded would be useless

Found today:

Lists plenty of hard-to-find titles. But user beware - finishing the download countdown leads to a .exe file. Likely to be a virus/trojan/backdoor.
Another one found today: - Free eBooks Download

Note that it is a scam site:
Is a scam? - Spam404

Here is a well-researched article that spent much time and effort dissecting the entire false/scam operation of that site.

Recommend everyone to read it once.


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One very good ebook site that I've been a member of for years that is NOT a scam is No junk emails, no spams, no popups, clean shares and absolutely no sex or porno postings. This (to my knowledge) is the biggest share site that I know of. Many of the past share postings I have made on this forum derived from the website above.