(SHARE) 4X MOON Buy Sell Profit v2.1

Navneet Bhatia

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Thanks for rapid responce, but I think we are talking about two different indicators here. Here the pic of what I had in mind:
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A channel indicator, bollinger, donchian, envelope, may help.

Or equity management. Cut back to 1 microlot after 3 consec losses until a trade wins, that eliminates strings of losses > 3 from trade statistics. Also cut back to 1 microlot or stop/simtrade if any system not profitable over 50 trades, ensures equity.


Dear maximo,

Signals delayed in lower time frame like 1M and 5M.
I set Fast and Slow 8,34.
RSI 21.
It shows latest signal after changing the time frame.
Please help to avoid this?


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It's MACD + RSI, so no repaint

Here's my mod. Arrows now paint exactly where the entry would be on closed bar.
Adjusted settings for lower timeframes.
thank you so much for your share
Iknow that, macd-rsi doesnt repaint.
but I think, there is a problem
for exam. sometimes, when changed the time frame, arrows repaint (missing)
how can I solve this problem.
thank you for your help, best regards.