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[Share] Special RSI Arrow (need help with alert programming too)

I've been testing this indicator for spotting reversals on 15min TF. Works very well with a complementing trendline. I just need help to program a popup alert into it as I miss the reversals often. Thanks.


  • Special RSI Arrow.mq4
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here you are! ENJOY dude! :)


  • Special_Rsi_arrows_alerts.mq4
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New member
Hi Dremur, I saw you add an alert on arrows with the option on current. Can you do the same with this other good arrows indy, actually the indy get an alert only on current but I prefer get the alert on close coz untill the bar is not closed the arrows desappears so the alert is not valid.

Thanks a lot


  • 11HAalert.mq4
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