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It uses stock charts indicator and just different set of parameters.
guess what it is

take a look
use it on 60min chart or daily chart
also refer to
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StochRSI has characteristics similar to most bound momentum oscillators.

First, it can be used to identify overbought or oversold conditions.

A move above .80 is considered overbought,
while a move below .20 is considered oversold.

Second, it can be used to identify the short-term trend.

As a bound oscillator, the centerline is at 0.50. StochRSI reflects an uptrend when consistently above 0.50 and a downtrend when consistently below 0.50.
Because this indicator is quite volatile, some smoothing with a moving average can help for short-term trend identification.

use MA5 on stochrsi
See the picture from stochrsi on stockcharts.com
There will be whipsaws, even when using a 5-day SMA with 20-day StochRSI. For example, a consolidation during a trend can cause the 5-day SMA of StochRSI to gyrate above/below the .50 line before continuing or reversing the trend. Chart 5 shows Yahoo! with 20-day StochRSI and its 5-day SMA for smoothing. The moving average broke above .50 in mid February to turn momentum bullish. This was followed by a resistance breakout for Yahoo! the first day of March. As the stock consolidated with a falling channel in late March, the 5-day SMA for StochRSI(20) dipped below .50 twice (red oval). These dips proved short-lived as the stock broke channel resistance and StochRSI moved above .80 to show strength. The trend did not end until the 5-day SMA moved below .50 AND Yahoo! gapped down.


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