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Simple Breakout

I recently downloaded the GRaB candles Raghee Horner (brilliant lady in my opinion) lists on her website. After playing with them I stumbled upon a setting that makes for a REALLY simple and visually appealing chart/system. I won't even try to rattle off all the technical lingo on the settings, etc., since I don't understand most of it anyway :)

I think these at one time were a type of MTF candle. Anyway, set each indicator -long, range, short- to the 240 TF (60 min or 30 min works too), the 240 candle paints on the lower time frames as it is building. It is remarkable to me how easy it makes it to spot the breakouts. I then mark the high/low 0f the previous 4H candle and watch for a clear breakout on any of the lower TF. It is especially neat to set MAs at the fib levels of 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, to help with TP levels. I don't have them on this template, but that i easy enough to add.

I have never traded on the last week of December before - either too busy or the charts scared me. This year, I had the flu and laid on the couch for almost 5 days, just me and my laptop as the kids were constantly going here or there and dh was working days. Anyway, I show a screenshot of my account, 17 trades, 15 of which were using this "system" and I won all 15, fairly effortlessly. As you can see from the screenshot, all (except 1 for EURJPY) were for the EURUSD. The 1 for gold and 1 for GBPUSD, (which was actually a mistake I made too stupid to explain), were not using the GRaB system. Granted, the trades are for tiny lots, but the time of year and it being a new system would make anything larger crazy. Besides, it is the PIP count that matters...almost 250 pips in a week.

I can't figure out how to get the actual template and files to upload here so I loaded them on my transcription site (hope that is okay). Here's the link


...also, the way I am using the GRaB indicator, you kinda have to ignore the candle color. Leaving it the way Raghee Horner uses it is in and of itself a great system too.
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