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Simple EA trade breakeven (request and give)


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hi all

i search a EA for manage our trade with 2 stop loss moving, who move the stop loss at half of his size when 10 pips are reached in profit, and a breakeven (move stop to price enter) when 20 pips (by exemple) are reached too in profit.

its a clever strategy i think, you risk 2% of your trade, after your risque only 1% in the first stop move, and with the breakeven you risk 0% :)

i use thisvery simple ea at this time :

this EA detect your manual order and add in 1-2 seconds after a specified stop loss and take profit, and after 10 pips is reached (you can change the value) this ea launch the breakeven , if someone can add the missing step then i want (divised the stop loss by 2 when first step of pips is reached, not directly the breakeven) coulb be very nice !


P.S : English is not my mother language, sorry.

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