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Have a look at this video, I know Stive is advertising his product but listen to what he says regarding change of forex trading. I realy dont know how much truth in it.

He says "I've got bad news though. Things look like they're about to change...
It's the end of an era and soon Forex won't be the ray of hope it once
was to normal folk. It will still be the same for the fat-cat traders on Wall Street. They'll still be piling in the cash and won't be touched by this.
It's one rule for them and another for the rest of us. You see this proposed new rule is going to strike at the financial prospects of what the multi-million dollar traders would call "the little guys". For the "little guy" the hope of making a life-changing income from Forex trading may well be nothing but a memory. A memory of a time when you could make a great income without
selling your soul and spending 10 hours a day behind a desk
somewhere. Sadly this is the truth and it's been ruthlessly exposed in this short and shocking video. Click for the video



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I've heard this recently. Apparently it is the new proposed plan to reduce the leverage for U.S. brokers to max 10:1. Probably it will be implemented like everything else. The only answer is to get a good non-US broker, which will delay the inevitable for a little while, or find the holy grail now and retire when the new law hits. Just another fine example of governments working their way into every one of our pockets.

Has, we would like to welcome you to our forum, and extend the right hand of fellowship to you as we work together in this plight. Hopefully we can all keep focused on our goal without losing sight on the important things in life, such as family, friends, and personal integrity and honesty.

Welcome and thanks from W~I to you and all members!


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i agree with stovedude. On top of that, many US brokers are urging traders to push back by sending an email to congress. So there's a chance it might not pass at all.
Regardless of the situation i think it's generally a good idea not to have all your money in one broker (if you can afford this). Dukascopy for example just lowered all of their requirements and is about to go live with MT4, so there's one really good non-US broker to start there. :)


fxdd malta is not participating in this .I had an account with NY fxdd and they transferred my accounts to Malta division to avoid such issues. Not NFA regulated too so hedging could be done too I guess. I am a newbe not too sure on these rules though.




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We have a broker thread. Feel free to post there about any good/bad brokers. Hopefully, we can save people time and money before they jump in with both feet. I'm making an EA that will be very dependent on a reliable broker, so I'll be looking pretty soon as well. I'm with FXDD, but they have their little tricks too. I can see plenty on backtests. I also have accounts at InstaForex (not sure why) and Tadalwulfx, but they are not very active right now. I've been concentrating on programming the holy grail.:D

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