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You do not need a Password, for the Indicator, Only for the Smart Trader Filter..When I Purchased this Indicator, The Filter ask for my Email Address,and a 4 Number Code, which is why I can't give it, as it is my Personal Email Address , & 4 Digit Code.. This Indicator is no longer sold on Mq4 Community, please review Traders on WWI Site, Pink and etc, that successfully used this Indicator, you have to Watch these Trades in real time, or not depending on your Account Size.. It is a Good Indicator.. The Pip Infinite Trend Pro Indicator, need's no password, has been improved V.1.6, The Stop loss, is the next opposite Signal. (Spirit, I know why Ashley wrote, and can't say...."Lucky Seb" it is a Trial, to see if I will go Whoring CERTAIN!! )
I got free indicator by sending them an email.

The email is inside the download folder! Just read it!!!!!

The indicator looks very nice and i will create a system for it.

Thank you!!!!!!!
it's free, what more do you like?
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This filter is FREE but very powerful.
It beats all the paid currency strength meters on the market because it has less lag
Are you the owner? It seems your sell entry is not according to the rules on the chart. And if you took the two buy trades it seems you have been stopped out and even the second sell signal seems a loss to :D
Hi guys can soemoen upload the smart filter? i sned email wiht my info ect but nothign for more than 4,5 days.... no reply or password to be given to me to uplock the rar file... thx