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smart trader 1.1

I share smart trader v.1.1 (edu) with you. On becktest it looks nice.
I don't have manual but i think it works on many pairs.
Please look at the results:


I tried default settings, but a bit too risky with them.
Try conservative=true for a nice result.
It would be good if it still opened opposite orders so
that it could continue to profit by hedged orders
from any opposite ones left open for a while.
With that addition and smaller starting cap I
could see it making a 33% per month av. return.

Thanks lukaszbaranowski for the interesting EA!


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please do the backtest then you will know why this ea is dangerous.....
don't look at the profits made or equirty curve, look at the drawdown.....

I can do backtest but i don't believe in becktest.
I saw a lot of good becketest ea but forward test has been very bad.
I think every ea is dangerous because forex is dangerous.
Please show me safe ea;-)
Anyway i agree with you that drawdown is the most important.


I share smart trader v.1.1 (edu) with you. On becktest it looks nice.
I don't have manual but i think it works on many pairs.
Please look at the results:

in the .zip there are two eas- smart Trader and Profit Manager....
What about Profit Manager?
Do they both belong together?
Please tell me.


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There is TP =... and S = ... on the graph. What is S? Is it Stop Loss, If so, do I have to change iStopLoss = 0.0 to ADR x 2? How often do u change iStoploss? Do u use iConservative and iInstantOrders?
Thank you for ur answers. :rolleyes:
pairs - chf i jpy, so
eur/chf, gbp/chf, usd/chf, eur/jpy, gbp/jpy .....

please don't use cad, aud (there is a lot of bad trades).

my sl is 0,3, tf doesn't matter

can you please post your results and backtest...... I tried backtesting eurchf but everytime, i got stopped out at the end... so alsways loss...


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For some reasons my SL are so big!
For example. I have CHFJPY opened right now. TP: 102.454 and SL = 3626.188 :eek:
Is it ok? I use iStopLoss = 2xADR (2x1327 = 2654)


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did u ever have an orders without SL and TP. I had few of them today.
I had this message in log:

2011.08.08 11:19:33 Smart Trader 1.1~ CADJPY,H1: invalid stoploss for OrderModify function
do you know why I might had this?

i had to close them by hand
any assistance would be appreciated. Thank u.


Hi,on some pairs I got good backtest with this ea but with istoploss=0 and no account blowout on 4 years bt.
Anyway the author suggest to set stoploss = 2XADR and analyzing the code istoploss is the multiplier of adr, so you just need to put istoploss=2 for (2XADR).
I put istoploss=2 but the bt is very different and bad, many stop hits. so I couldn't understand why the author suggest this stoploss it's impossible the results on the vendor site with 2XADR stoploss or am I wrong ?


im using itconservative enaable and 2 max orders at same time
SL 2x ADR and 1 week with 100% wins

almost 900pips in a week with low DD :)
which pair and tf do you run it on?

Hi Im live with Smart Trader 1.1 on CadJpy 15min for a week. 100% in profit with minimal DD. My account is up 30% this week. This is the only EA im running live. Rest is manual trading which is far more superior i beleive to any EA on the market. Ensure you have good MM!

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