So what do you guys do during the day while trading?


Hi Guys,

Just thought I would post / ask a super interesting question about what some of you guys do during the day whilst trading? (work a full time job is also something)

Well in order to distract me from micro managing my trades, I play a lot of games. More specifically I play a LOT of MMO's (Massive Multiplayer games.)

At the moment I am bouncing between Aion and World of Warcraft (Catalysm).
Both are very interesting games at the moment and both have their pros and cons.

WoW has a new Alliance class called the Worgans (Warewolves) which are wickedly cool. And Aion has, well you can fly... what more can you ask for...

So that is what I do (besides being the local entertainment for my 3 little daughters).

Hi StaticX,

I am a medical transcriptionist. I have my charts open underneath my transcribing platform. Since I have to sit on my booty all day typing, a few years back I figured I might as well try learning something else that would allow me to make money at the same time. Sometimes my charts distract me and my production suffers for my "real" job, but most days it is a nice balance, keeps me from over trading. :)


Nice, yea playing MMO's helps me. I still do a little bit of coding in Action Script 3 (Flash). Tend now days to only make games for my daughters and their friends. (I enjoy doing this)

I gave up on coding the C++ and C# as of late, as making $$ via forex is proving far more lucrative.



I'm busy studying Chemical Engineering (specializing in carbon bonding, growing diamonds and energy systems).

As far as MMOs go, I play the best MMO of all time, WOT ( ) Imagine WOW rading and Counter Strike put together to for the best multi-player experience ever!

If I get bored, I build things, or read developments on PESwiki ( ).

I admit I am also a bit addicted to Starcraft 2, and I watch these youtube channels vehemently hehehe :) ( and )

Music wise I listen to Metal and classical.


Nice thread to discuss the human side of what we are doing, I am a student, so doing this in between all the terms papers and other stuff which requires me to be behind a computer most of the time:eek:

Just wondering how much people make on average doing forex, if I average $100 a week I consider myself lucky:p


I'm working full-time as an electronic engineer. I graduated last year.I started learning about forex a month and a half ago. Before that I had no experience with it. I used to play games (Eve Online was my MMO) but since I started studying forex it has completely taken over my free time. It's a hobby that might actually make me some money.

I cannot trade at work so I have been focusing on finding a few EA's I can trust and that don't require a lot of maintainance. My training in programming has helped me to make a few modifications to EA's (none were very profitable but the modifications did work!).

I am not making any money from forex yet as I am still testing and using cent accounts. I am planning to put a few hundred dollars into an account within a month if I find a system I can trust.

I am very thankful to the people on this website. It's the friendliest forum I have found and it has the least amount of bulls**t. Some very smart and helpful people here.

I look forward to making money with you guys (and gals).

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