SpotWare cTrader

after so many years of mt4 turning-around-upside-down gimmicks, mql programming and so forth, i surprised myself staring at:

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you should also take a look

w/ surprising platform features (speed, extended info regarding order execution, depth of market for every symbol, trading sessions, embedded c# development platform, etc), i am sure it will conquer most of the already-full-of-mt4 users / developers (i am definitely one of them) with (most won't believe) astonishing speed

let me know of your thoughts over this

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Additional info for developers:

OpenAPI is (as it name says) -- OPEN - any developer can ask for his API credentials and use them development purposes

unlike most commercials platforms that only have commercial API, Spotware provides free open access to its API capabilities

it leveraged Google ProtoBuffers for read-write and JSON for read-only needs

i surely think you -- devs out there -- should consider it

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ctrader is the latest breakthrough for facilitating traders. but, not all traders love it. because sometimes not in accordance with the conditions of their gadgets, so it can not display according to the user friendly.
and I am more interested in mt4 mobile version. This is real friendly user.
Does anyone still use cmsfx vt trader platform.
I downloaded it but the password seems incorrect.
No response so far from cms.
Wonder whether they are still in operation.
I am simply not productive using Spotware cTrader/ cAlgo

I am simply not productive using Spotware cTrader/ cAlgo

I started to use it 3 years ago hoping to have a good alternative to Metaquotes.
But for me it is still nothing more than experimental (1 real account cTrader; 1 MT5 real; >20 MT4 real).
I'm not impressed by their 'super modern' GUI; even on mobile MT4 is way more useful (all MT4 accounts in 1 app)
So where does it have a real edge over MT4 and how can we use this to make money??