stochastic-macd TSTW 24




Found this page on the internet and was wondering if anyone has tried this or has this to share




TSTW stands for Trading systems that work.
It seems they use stochastic-macd and specific stochastic patterns to generate trading signals.
they say
There are thirteen specific stochastic patterns.

Two are complex patterns but many are purest set ups.

We recommend 24 SP.

please watch the videos on youtube.

two things
priority 1 price-support-trendline
priority2 stochastics signal buy or sell

signal to buy or sell must come from higher timeframe
entry to come from lower timeframe chart

stochastic buy is rejected if price trendline is broken down showing down trend

see how to use slow stochastics effectively


Are you using stochastics?
are you using macd?
Never trade the indicator as first priority.
Price and its movement is first priority.
see the video and learn how to avoid trading stochastics as first priority-avoid doing wrong things.
trade price as first thing.
TSTW is about this.

stochastics by itself is not good enough.
when stochastics is filtered using price action reference it becomes useful.
oversold or overbought means nothing except consolidation in a range.


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