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Stochastic method (from nanningbobs system)


I use stoch analysis from Nanningbobs trading method - for higher timeframe:

If the blue Stoch line is greater than the MACD red line- you are in an up trend and if it is less than the red line you are in a downtrend

Above 85 or below 15 you are nearing turn around territory - When blue line crosses red you have a change of direction in price action.
The one rule you cannot disobey - Do not enter trades unless the blue line is near, above/below the 85/15.

TRADING RULE: When the red, white and blue line are converging together above the 85 yellow line or below the 15 yellow line and price is at the top/bottom of the gold lines sixth indicator, you are nearing you entrance point, You will want to turn on the sell or buy EA to enter the trade.

Knowing how to read the white line as compared to the blue is a key to trading this system - If white and blue go up/down together, the tighter they are the stronger the move, the longer you want to stay in - The farther apart they are, the weaker the move, the less time you will want to stay in the trade. If white line moves, but blue doesn?t GET OUT????.

Primary trade SELL rules:
1. When the RWB lines are bunch together above or near the 85 line,
2. The top of the BB is well above the green line of the sixths indicator or anytime above the gold line.
3. Price is inside the BB outer band

Primary trade BUY rules:
1. Just the opposite of the buy rules. When the RWB lines are bunched together near or below the 15 line.
2. The bottom of the BB is well below the green line of the sixths indicator or anytime below the gold line.
3. Price is inside the BB outer band

This was designed for higher timeframe like H4 by naningbob. You can find his thread on


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Stoch vs CCI vs RSI vs MA

I used:
- stoch 14/7 and macd 12,26,9
- cci 14/8
- rsi (qqe in histo 1,8,3)
- ma crossover (7/13)

template included in archive

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