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You can download everything here & comments plz:

[URL=""]Straddle System for ForEx Trading[/URL]


Hello Mr dremur
the link doesn't work ,please try another way I got "Internal Server Error"
thank you very much :)


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i cant see the page, could you zip herep lease ? regards :)

Hello Mr dremur
the link doesn't work ,please try another way I got "Internal Server Error"
thank you very much :)

yes the link is not working please repost the link

delete file name, leave the folder in www, or just follow the link below, then save as :D
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Great work guys!

I always wondered how the Straddle Strategy worked :)

Here's my Strangle Strategy.

The market must use more energy to defeat this one. Not just 1 swing back but twice in order to stop out both. ie. make both a higher high and lower low, which happens 1 in 3 trades or less. So the edge can be defined in thirds. 1x full profit + 1x half profit - 1x full loss / 3 = Profit Factor 1.5
A half profit is made when both orders get filled and one side gets stopped out.

The probability can be further enhanced using a volatility breakout method, since double breakout failures are more rare than 1 or the other trade succeeding.

I use the angle of the T3 period 13 on M15 for trend bias.


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