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It's interesting that one trade was reversed, because I haven't seen that yet, but I did program that check into it. I'm surprised it happened on demo. I wonder if it was the broker's intention or a bug in their software (not mine)? Maybe that explains why many EA's open bad trades that seem to be unexplainable.

What timeframe and Risk are you using?

If you want higher slippage, you can put that into the parameters, and the lots are always calculated by the risk and the SL it creates. The SL is the current swing hi/lo, and the lot size is calculate by the pip difference and the risk. It will not lose more than the risk percent (+/- slippage of course).

I should definitely get back to FD and improve the code to get earlier entries. It wouldn't be very hard. On backtest, it had a 91% success rate and increased the account by 2700% in 4 months (at 20% risk and 15% DD). When the market has a small ranging period, it can lose. This can be improved very easily I think.

StoveDude nice to meet you here

believe me,u 've created a great Ea :cool:

I like it 'cause it plays my beloved indicators and is very similar to my trading style

So count on me for further development

about settings..

I've been running FxDevastator on 11 pairs for 1 week

timeframe H4

Alpari Demo

it's funny and weird that the trades went so good,'cause I left default inputs and I've noticed only at the end of the week that Alpari is a 5 digits broker !
(I guess MoneyManagement skipped this issue)

shame on me:rolleyes:
what a bad tester!

despite this,It has been a very good week

NOW that I know this ExpAdv is not a toy,I've tuned up my settings adjusting money management and other values

It's crazy trading running default MM (10%) on 11 pairs,and that could be the reason Broker stopped out some of my trades

Now I've settled up my MM(= 3%),and t\p and s\l are customized for a 5 digits Broker
my testing is gonna be more serious

follow this link=

u can find there:

1-my statement,first week,please ignore GBPJPY and GBPUSD trades,those are from another EA
2-my first week default setting
3-my new setting (applied few hrs ago)

thx Stovedude,together we can make a good job

if u could add a MACD divergences and slingshots filter,this EA could become a RARE GEM
PM about it

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