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Suppressing the financial freedom



I just got an email from Active Traders UK where they inform us about changing or amending many present rules. Apparently by pressure of Wall Street and NFA, which is the Wall Street and big financial corporations prostitute, many rules are changing not in favor for the retail traders.
AT UK no longer allows US citizens and US residents to trade with AT accounts. They employed 3rd party spies to ensure that rule. We can expect that all "legal" brokerages around the world will be interrogated the same way and only the "illegal off shore" brokerages stay soon to our services! In other words it could be the end of retail Forex trading forever if we don't open our mouth publicly and probably involve politicians in fight for economical and financial freedom.
Goodbye Forex???


hmm , i noticed that this note that state that in many trading sites but i didnt realised that all over the world , is that mean that us users only trade in us or what?

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