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Guys, has somebody the cracked Swiss Accu Scalper? I have it and it never lost but it stopped work 3 weeks ago and is frozen now. It is the best automatic robot on FX market but only if it works.
I threw off the AI robot I thought is an excellent robot because it made some money in the beginning but lately lost all again, I am there where I started. It doesn't recognize pullbacks! It buys on initiation of pullbacks and then lose the SL (80 pips) on following trend, and opens trades at 4 pm and lose the SL during night SL chases! BS! The EAs don't recognize trends from pullbacks!
The Swissy did excellent trades. Probably they put inside some "time bomb" to stop it to trade?
The Silver EA was yesterday losing $900 on demo! I wake up today and it closed +$36. I don't understand how the EA could manage to turn the heavy losing trade in positive outcome???
Thanks Hermes
I never used the Swiss Accu Scalp yet.
Just attached it to an EURCHF H1-chart and it says "authenticated".

Please let me know if it trades or is "dead" like yours.

I remember you were telling good things about the AI-Robot. Now I am glad I never got it.
Most EAs are BS.
I have lost several live-accounts with EAs.


You are right. I am now testing FX Cash Rocket and Silver EA. Silver EA again losing $600 but I hope it recovers like last time. We will see.
The Cash Rocket works on ECH and UCH 30M. It is so so I am not very impressed yet with the results. Swissy worked very good on demo before froze. But in general robots can never replace objective manual trading. The brokers and market gorillas hate the robots and destroy them easily by rising the spread (5 pips and over) above robot allowance.
I will test yours and tell you results. Thanks. I would give you here the Cash Rocket but it has special protection even I can use it only on one computer. The Silver EA I posted here, I think. Works on 1M TF.
Cheers Hermes


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hi hermes,
i've moved your posts about the Silver EA to this thread, since we already have it open:



The Silver EA is an crazy EA! Tonight it lost 3 trades -$156, -$322, -$519 and now is trading +$606!!! Very unstable EA.

As you can see on .jpg what happens often is that the brokerage cheats on your trades! This is FXDD Malta, lucky it is demo because the trade didn't even reach SL and they anyway took me out of trade without a reason! I tested on it the Swiss Accu Scalper I got here. It would be -$34, the first loss on SAS.

It is always good idea to have the trade on live & demo account at the same time to compare if the broker does not major scam on your live trade. There shouldn't be a big difference of outcome between demo and live account.
P.S. The jpg is so small that you see nothing. The black background charts are not usable here.


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