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TFX OBOS Oscillator


I came across this indicator as a part of a template I downloaded. It's quite interesting and powerful in detecting trend changes in lower time frames. I've used on the M15 chart with settings of 0.8 & -0.8, to identify the overbought and oversold levels, for the past 2 weeks and I've been impressed with the improvement I've made in my manual trading. I've stayed in trades based on the direction of this indicator that would would have otherwise been closed due the pullbacks. It's been extremely helpful to me so far. I hope it could of some use to other members. :)


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TFX OBOS is a very good indicator IMO. It would be great if someone like stovedude could put a setting for the bars calculated, because it is hogging resources. If anyone already has a fix for that it would be appreciated, or if you have a similar indicator then please post it here


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He loads proc 50 % .might have errors in code .Use less history data for in mt 4 and it wont lagg .

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