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The Event FX Robot


Has anyone tested this $97.00 ea it looks for patterns.

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Shark Motor

EA can be found down the thread:


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The Event FX Robot

Maybe it is too early to start waxing lyrical about this.
I traded this EA on Thursday and Friday. Thursday total of 29 trades; 25winners and 4losers (Total +/- pips = 124pips). Friday total of 25 trades; 24winners and 1loser (Total +/- pips = 256pips).

Summary: I bought the upsell/advanced version at the launch for a total of 135.00GBP which can trade any major currency pair. So in total it has traded 54times and lost 5times and won 49times. That's 90% winning rate. I want to be a bit cautious with the praise and come back here next week and post results again. It's CLOSED for sale now and all you can do now is put your name down on the waiting list. Would be nice to see someone else come out to share their results.


RedChilli where is the advanced version you bought? Could you post it? This is a sharing forum.
Thanks Hermes


He's not selling. But he don't want sharing.
"I have something very good, 95% winning trades. I'M A MAN!!!!!!!"
This is his first post, I'm little suspicious.


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Who's DA Man? :)
Let's test this thing and see if it's really 95% accurate:

The EA by default trades on EU M30. It uses the typical indicators CCI, Stochastic, Parabolic Sar and ATR.


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the version i posted can trade all pairs.

Webmastery, please don't forget this is a sharing forum.
It's not nice to ask for the EA settings when you've had the EA sitting on your computer and not share with us. :-(
OK, you are making me feel guilty :)

I apologize. I'm new to Forex but tied up with work not always at computer and already skeptical with EA purchases by default. Not making money yet that's why a bit unwilling. But I did share an e-book in the e-book section: Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas.

Your attachment can load up in any pair but doesn't mean it can trade all pairs. What I know is the first sell is strictly for EUR/USD 30-min TF. Then like HotChilli says something about Upsell/advanced version, he's correct. Get this one.

If you skip the upsell, there's another downsell. This is the one I bought excluding Optimal Settings.

Why? Skeptical and cautious. I e-mail merchant to make arrangement to obtain this OS file but no reply yet. Getting anxious. Default Settings is such that SL is larger than TP. Can make many profit trades but losing trades negate all earnings. Again new to forex, still doing demo.

Does ClickBank (the payment processing company) deal with refund or the merchant himself oversee this? Anyone knows?

(See my next reply for download link!)

*Sigh* Looks like I have to be generous a bit this time but hope the more experienced people here can test it and give better advice on settings. Not performing well for me on JPY pairs at least. EUR pairs quite good. I'm using IBFX.

Can someone upload this again on rapidshare or other public download sites? I'm using a private web host account and want to take this down...until next Sunday then. (Moderator: if I can't edit this post next Sunday, please do it for me, or I'll delete my file next Sunday no matter what.)

One reason to purchase directly is there may be future updates. If anyone is still interested, I can send you to the upsell sales page where it's still promo price from the preview seminar at the beginning of October.

E-mail me at Thank you!


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Your link is not working, I think. Please post it again, and then we can delete it later when you need to.

Clickbank seems to be allowing the merchant to change the refund request to a technical problem ticket (which means you will first have to deal with the merchant, who usually will not refund but rather try to solve your problem through email), but if you keep changing the request from technical to refund, Clickbank will refund very quickly.


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i'm really glad we're having this conversation. I apologize for making you feel guilty. When we all started out we had the same notion that sharing EAs and systems may degrade them over time. However, 98% of all EAs don't win in the long run and systems are almost never profitable for others except for the originator/author.
Let's put some numbers into perspective. There are thousands of EAs and more coming every week. There are thousands of systems/strategies and more are being sold every week. We as retail traders only make up 10% of whole forex market. Add on to this, 95% of all retail traders fail to profit from FX in the long run. And guess what, there are no Holy Grail EAs for sale (at least not for $97). :)

So the chance of this "Event" EA being shared and the whole world start using it and reducing it's probably slim-to-no-chance.
On the other hand, the best EAs so far have come from modifications and optimizations as a result of great collaborations in forums like this...
Ok, i'm going to stop being preachy....cause i can't stand it myself. lol

By the way, you can upload any files to this site (quick and easy, no need to sign up for anything):

Thanks, Webmastery.
No affiliate link

No affiliate link

it looks like its an affiliate link post

I just another trader looking holy Gail, I share anything I have or find.
After three years of buying system and EA, and still nowhere. Wife says
"I had it, your not buying a another thing!!!" there is so may indy, systems, EA's here on this Forum we and should be making millions
of dollars. Me my account is now growing little by little. I do,is
Price action, trend lines and mm. I believe everyone will find their way, just don't give up, and believe you already did it!!!

At least my wife didn't use a bat, still have my PC!!!

Have The Best Day Ever
Shark Motor
Rename the file to exe

Rename the file to exe

hi sharkmotor,
all i get in the rar file is 2 pdfs.

Rename TheEventRobotAdvanced.pdf to


Some exe file are hard to send, I learn one to change the exe to something else. This seems to work!



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that worked! thanks, sharkmotor.

I've attached the file here in case anyone interested.
The EA runs on EU M30


  • TheEventRobotAdvanced.ex4
    14.9 KB · Views: 3
I also suffered random cutoffs when I download myself. Retry again or use a download manager which can resume the download. Sorry about that.

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