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The Harvard Boy's Forex Trading Strategy


on the website the arrows are hand drawn on the chart and are not
part of the system ..... they put the arrows there to show people where they bought and sold

the arrows show up on different currencies at certain times

it is not a very reliable exit indicator ... it seems to show up
when it wants to .... very sporadic ... look for another way to exit


I haven't even downloaded it.

But I've seen many similar indicators and 95% of indicators that pick bottoms and tops repaint
I see that the HarvardBoys3 indicator signals the same as the (NonLagMA_v7 with the look back +0).
I have attached to the post.
Thank you Barry


  • NonLagMA_v7_HIST.mq4
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  • NonLagMA_v7 sep.mq4
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  • NonLagMA_v7.1.mq4
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