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The Real Acid Test


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Overtime, I have tested most of the MT4 brokers, and I can say that overall the best results I have found are with, MBT, IBFX, & NORD.
I am currently testing HANTEC and FINOTEC with no complaints so far, but its perhaps too early to reach any final conclusions.
To get the real picture of what the brokers are up to, you should simultainiously
run brokers live, side by side and you will be amazed at the differences you can find.

just my two cents,



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Broker Check List

Broker Check List

Here is a quick checklist of some important factors to consider when choosing a broker.

Platform/s avail
What are the spreads offered.
The type of execution used, STP,ECN, or Market Maker with Dealing desk
Pairs traded, and do they include Metals, and CFD's (if req)
Demo trial duration offered
Commissions and fees added
Is live support offered
What is the extent of slippage, and are trade spreads widened
Tutorials and spl offers

When opening a live account, one would also have to consider, deposit and withdrawal provisions, and whether or not segregated accounts are used to hold your balances and is the broker regulated, and if so details


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A sure test of Real Acid, Giving an incontestable result.. In the California Gold Rush in the 2nd half of the 19th Century, Prospectors and dealers needed to be able to distinguish gold from base metal..!



As far as I know the Acid tests are for web applications (i.e. browsers),how can we test trading platforms with those tests?

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