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The ring of truth on a based on Gann method


The Law of Nature

The Law of Nature

Couldnt agree more... a person who can predict it that accurate may as well give it free.. cuz he'z already made tons of moolah for himself
that is low... and I get the feeling many ppl think that you can hit 99% calls or trades with this method? It is only something of the nature of timing in its accurateness "99%"... that is should it work all the time... but it doesn't always... and when it does it happens right on mark... also there are missing concepts meaning I never made the whole discovery or perfection in it yet. As far as I know it can hit over 70% now, but that was also the case when I had a revelation forbidding me. This has to do with other things unknown to man though and I am no individual that could always impose my will. Now if you really want to follow this method you can follow me or just subscribe. Sign up for a basic level seminar when and if I do decide to do one.

I can't teach one how to trade it without you knowing how I think about trading these methods. Especially the basic methods the Gann methods are not for sale. Just the simple fact that if you break into the spiritual science you have Angels paying attention to what you're doing. If you don't have knowledge don't speak on the matter, and that is why I said you have to at least be known of the magic word.
If anyone can understand the meaning of this number "55?" you might have a chance to possess the vibration. For each person it could be different, and if you possess it naturally you wouldn't be here. A trading record is provided it is neither a faulty one, so forums are mostly interested in free things but you must be ambitious when it comes to information and the cost of these things. Not for the average persons... think about how Gann spent 300K on information nobody else has and one would know what it takes. Nature has a law?

Calvin Le

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The Holy Grail... Very True...
There is no such thing as Holy Grail that lasts forever, because the Holy is with God not with Gann Methods. Sorry to let the news out that is how I experience it, so don't look too much into this stuff you will only be disappointed. Amen


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Hi PLQ111, I found very interesting your post. I was wondering if when you refer to the Matrix Grid you are talking about the square of nine. Best regards.

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